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Take notes, ask questions — go nuts. (from soneone in another session, thank you!!!)
  • A: @steiny help tie these things to real problems! TALK TO TECHNOLOGISTS. "tell the dorks about the way the real world works" "wikipedia is an ultimate example of where the non-technical and the technical people can play nicely" "everywhere you get good platforms you tend to have great volunteers and people"
  • A: @cbracy "people think hackathons suck partially because non-technical people don't go to them. join a code for america brigade!"
  • A: @mheadd "smart Chicago collaborative (http://www.smartchicagocollaborative.org/) is recruiting testers for civic apps"  "the more feedback we can provide to the people building these things will make them more valuable"
  • Audience "organizers need to make it clear that you don't need to be a coder to go to. a weekend hackathon doesn't sound like something they are allowed to do"
Ashley W Audience: how many people [in the room] had not heard of hack for change? we had a hacktathon in the twin cities. what are you strategies to spread? beyond low-hanging fruit cities? small cities? not just big cities?
Q: Mark: city cooperation on unveiling sensitive 911 data? OtheR cities?
  • A: @erie we have a lot of passionate people. "we had to make the case using an insane regulatory process. proposed a policy statement, accept statements, revised policy statement, accept more statements, semi- final policy..." "what are YOU doing to make the case for this data to be open?" are you using the tools? "if there are open comment periods, lots of groups have lots of money to organize people to comment,
  • @mheadd "if you use an app that uses open data, TELL YOUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL"
  • @steiny "have you got any stories? do you have any evidence?" "there is so little evidence out there." "if you only do evidence base policy...there is NOT any evidence for open data." "the people who hold the purse strings are not persuaded" "we'll only see a great deal of open data when it is tied into procurement." "evidenced based treasury holders will have nothing to stand on when we can show the evidence [when procurement data is included/shared]" because compared to govt IT contracts, open data is so cheap "personally, i've stepped away from this world because i'm waiting for the current contracts to run out"
  • @phillipashlock "the most comprehensive... Local Law 11... collaborative wiki to help the city establish their guidelines.... also Project Open data is managed on github...open source project management system for policy." "Participatory budgeting is something that is handled at the local or hyperlocal level, let constituents vote and deliberate on how to directly spend that money on their own. ANy input mechniasm you have in government helps [one do this}... should in theory have an impact on government"
@nclarkjudd "concrete deliverables? what to do next?"
  • @erie "Shirley Chisholm: I don't measure America by its achievement but it's potential" "I think this applies to civic hacking. lots of govt agencies use github- if you participate... you WILL get an answer." "we didn't have something on github, and then someone from CFA just put it there [and that was awesome]"
  • @phillipashlock "much more about building relationships. hackathons are a place to build those relationships and learn. give people credit. brute force attempts have limits. reaching out to people is more long term. blog! capture your faiures and successes. an awesome civic project: Open States project."
  • @mheadd "i'll be quick. civic hacking do. not civic hacking: don't"
  • @cbracy "i would suggest: try to envision govt entities that are working in good faith and see how that changes what you think about the work that is happening in your state. if you pictured everyone who works in govt as these two[good people]..how would your ideas change
  • @steiny "would my least political activist friend ever use this thing? if the answer is no DONT DO IT." "if you have a good idea, go and look and see if anyone else has had a go. don't work from scratch." 
  • Questions
  • Liquid Democracy as the ultimate civic hack? Is anyone using it in the US?
  • Mark: city cooperation on unveiling sensitive 911 data? OtheR cities?
  • Q: It would be great to have some hackathons devoted just to installing existing code. Is there a list of, say 500 open source projects that are ready-to-go? Might be a great place to bring in the non-tech folks (on Hackathon day 2?) to help guide customization (UNANSWERED)
1431 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Julia Kuznetsov 1431 days ago
Moderator: Sarah Lai Stirland, Lorelei Kelly, Stephen Schultze, David Segal
Sarah: "Aaron [Swartz] represented the spirit of the web, spirit of openness and generosity" "D.Segal, in Hacking Politics, his early work made it impossible for the ogvernment to ignore the web" "Aaron's legacy inspiried New Yorker's Strongbox; Open Access act in CA (publicly funded research must be made free + publicly accessible;" 
sarah: you said you worked on national security issues? is there any type of lanuage you can use to reach the cyber security panels?
"there are more bad passwords than bad perps out there."
"in your home YOU are responsible for locking your own door. police are for neighborhood... this is about benjamin franklin and the founding documents of the states. we need to reclaim that."
lorelei - one of problems in tech is that they're not recognizable to institutions. do a power audit of your members - read oversight reports, i guarantee there's a hook in there. people are afraid of what happened to gabby gifford and party takeover dangers. need to reinvent the district hearing (don't need to be in dc to have a hearing) to lack of our use of political...of retiring members - they have power of institutions for 2 years so not getting big companies calling them b/c short term, not as useful, but they have institutional memory. have to give member something they can do something with in the institution they work in. have institutional awareness. not cynical - migrating hope, once recognized by the institution, we'll give it back.
taren - talked a lot about internet freedom and open access, important to aaron and his work, but one we haven't talked about is the criminal justice system, one of important things coming out of aarons death - same problems and challenges he faced are faced by millions of americas every year. more than 2 million ppl in prison - highest incarceration rate in world, not because americans worse than other people. aaron one of most privileged victims - there are hundreds of thousands of people because of criminal justice system, so important to remember that as well.
1431 days ago
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Everybody should applud Elaine Chen.
  • Problems: 
1) No smart grid so utility companies don't actually know who does and who does not have power. So you must call them and opt-in to the system. 
2) Problems: Many official responders don't have a "human" lens on the problem, this was a niche that occupy was able to fill effectively. 
1431 days ago
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Ashley W steven clift, @democracy
desmond drummer + dionne
demond - englewood, chicago public school system
nancy lublin @nancylublin
abhi namani code for america
Q: have any governments invovled in the code for america networks tapped into these listservs?
Q: noel- do you also find pre-existing groups?
  • CONCLUSIONS: plans for the next year?
1431 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Julia Kuznetsov 1431 days ago
Ashley W
1649 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Hart 1649 days ago
Alex H I work with a major non-profit that is also grappling with this issue -- how do we establish RCT methods of measurement for content that is so traditionally thought of as subjective/qualitative. 
1650 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elaine Chen 1650 days ago
  • Not open though, only 5 americans pre-selected
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